RENTERS! Buy for LESS than you rent!
Buying a home is now 38% cheaper than renting.(Forbes Magazine 03/05/2014) 

Why waste your money on rent when you can own nicer and bigger for less money? 
  • It has NEVER been as easy and advantageous to buy a home as right now!
  • Home prices are still very low. That means not only you can buy cheap but prices will go up and you will benefit from it.
  • Interest rates are near all time historic lows and you can lock them in for 30 years.
  • The Pima Tucson home buyer's Solution Program pays 4% down payment for you and you do NOT have to pay it back.
  • Imagine having your OWN house. No Landlord breathing down your neck. Paint, hang pictures, adapt without having to ask.
Think you can't qualify? Think again!
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Still not convinced?
  • How about the fact that Home mortgage interest can be deducted from your taxes.
  • Every month some of your payment pays off some of the money you owe. It makes you save money, build equity.
  • Did you know that kids that live in homes owned by their parents perform better in school?
  • You may want to borrow against your home in the future, maybe to buy another one to rent or to build your own business.